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But, our second indie game developed. And it's finally out.

Slizza is an indie action-puzzle arcade that you won't be able to drop out of your hands.

Hundreds of single player levels, local or online multiplayer to play with friends, and daily challenges will ensure to deliver endless amount of fun.

Looking for a casual game you can play during a coffee break, or when you have a couple of minutes to spare? Look no further.

You can check out the official Slizza website here.

Following Aero Attack: Retro Space Shooter, our studio's first release, we wanted to create something simpler and relaxing. There are indeed no words to describe how excited we are to present it to the world.

Fast-paced arcade Slizza is now available both on iOS and Android

What differentiates Slizza from the competitor games is the multiplayer component, which allows the players to engage both in the local and online versus modes, with friends or random strangers.

Players are rewarded with batteries and pizza skins for progressing through levels and completing daily challenges. Batteries are needed to advance faster through levels, while skins can be used to show off to your competitive friends.

In-game shop contains additional packages with batteries and no-ads option that players can exchange for real money, and boost their gaming experience.


Try Slizza on-the-go and watch out not to get (too) addicted.

Slizza is a free iOS and Android game, also responsive for tablets. To download the app on your device click the appropriate link below:

download at Apple's App Store  - download at Google's Play Store

To parents

For all the worried mothers and fathers out there, the good news is that Slizza is a completely kid-friendly game! The only thing you might want to watch out for is the in-app purchases, so make sure to set up your Parental Controls.

About us

quasiStudio was founded by two tech nerds who love games so much, and they couldn't help themselves but turn it into a full-time career. The goal is to create memorable digital experiences and have fun along the way.

Primary areas of work are mobile games for iOS and Android, but the quasi-team also knows its way around UI/UX, web and mobile app development.